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Reconciliation 4:128

And if a woman panics and figures that she is wronged by the man that she is married to because of cruel treatment, distance, turning away, and rejection.

Then there is no wrong on both of them if they leave off dissentious disunity and make a compromising settlement between themselves.

Leaving off dissentious disunity, then making a compromising settlement is highly preferable. Even though, excessive desire for wealth is hidden in the mind.

Throughout time families have been challenged by the dysfunction of parents separating, leading to peril among children. The causes of separation vary, but often it's because of attraction to someone other than the lawful spouse.

Children, extended family, and friends are often bewildered regarding what motivates the separated parents to continuously strive to get back together.

The human being actually has a natural propensity or disposition for reconciliation. The more spiritually inclined parent is often the one who is stronger in reconciliation.

We are to make peace by righteous deeds, by honest, open, and sincere efforts, and by plain upright efforts. This is the way we make peace, if you want to correct confusion and hatred among yourselves, you can bring the family into peace again by using the power that each of us have. That power is the power to promote goodness in your family and to fear Allah with a consciousness of His great gifts, of His great favors, and of His great blessings to you and family!


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