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Male and Female Energies:One Purpose 3:36

When the mother of Mary delivered her baby, she said,' Lord, surely I have delivered a female. Allah knows more about what she delivered. And, the male is not like the female.

The energies that a mother has to bring out from herself to be successful at her task of protecting and nurturing a defenseless new life, are considered female energies.The energies that allow a man to demonstrate success at his task of protecting the mother and child so they can survive and thrive, are considered male energies.

So, to be male or female is to be more than strong or weak physically. To be a man or a woman means more than having certain body parts. Men and women have inner potentials of mind and heart given to them by the Creator.

This allows them to use reason, to have empathy, patience, generosity, mercy, creativity insight, and determination to name just a few. So, men and women both, have the ability to choose, and also to improve their experience.

Mankind takes life from generation to generation very seriously. He becomes protective of the knowledge that affects and contributes to his excellence. So, in our world today, male leadership and female leadership should reflect that the two have one purpose, to please the Creator, as they assist each other in their family and community life.


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