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  • By Abdul-Lateef Sabir

Partners 3:64

Say: O rebels, Jews and Christians! turn to just and true language between us and you that we shall not bow to any but Allah and (that) we shall not adopt a partner, false G-d, idol or graven image to rule his kingdom with Him, and (that) some of us shall not appoint others for deities besides Allah; but if they’re averse to obedience, then report: Bear witness that we are Muslims

There is so much that can be said, and have already been said, about the false idea of multiple G-ds or a son of G-d. Some words are so meaningful, they have deep influence on the psyche of man. This can cause long term damaging effects, when words are presented out of the proper context. Words should influence the intellect to reason with the mind to arrive at the proper understanding. Perhaps, this is the reason why so many people around the world still believe a false, fairy tale story of Jesus being the son of G-d. They refuse to reason. So much so, even their own fairy tale has changed over time and they still refuse to comprehend the falsity of it. First, he was the son of G-d, then over time there were three, then the three became one and now they say he is G-d. To facilitate reasoning, they should ask, “Did Jesus say this?” “Who invented this?” “How long after Jesus died did this come into play?” They refuse to see that man, human beings, have wrote it with their own hands, change it from their right times and places then presented it to the people and said it is from G-d.

When it comes to associating partners with G-d, Muslims of course, believe this is blasphemy and reject any form of this kind of practice. However, contrary to the norm, there are and have been different denominations of Christianity over the centuries, that either don’t except the trinity concept or that Jesus was the son of G-d. But for those who still practice this, G-d tells us in the Qur’an, this is one of the worse forms of oppression. The proof of this can be seen in the history of the African American. We know for centuries Africans were captured and put into a cruel peculiar institution called slavery on the shores of the America. They were stripped of everything including their religion. Given a false G-d that looked like the one that enslaved them. With a false G-d combined with cruel brutalization during slavery, the Jim Crow era and modern day, helped sustain the oppressing false idea, that Whites are superior and Blacks are inferior. It sometimes makes you wonder, what would happen if those who are still upholding these toxic ideas, went through the same things the Black went through, and was given an African American as their G-d. Will they then get it? For some people, G-d says in the Qur’an, no matter what you do, they still will not believe.

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