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The Help of Allah is Always Near 2:214

Did you assume that you could compare yourself to those who ran out of time before you? Did you assume that you would get to the point of taking possession of the Garden that is endowed with trees, rivers, and fruits like they did? They were among the believers who were patient in hardship. What happened to them has not yet happened to you. Adverse necessity and stress, like poverty, sickness, and suffering not only reached them, but also overtook them. As a result, they were so disturbed and troubled by the nature of the trial that the representative in spiritual authority, along with those who submitted and agreed with him, asked about the removal of their hardship. They said, “When will the help of Allah come that we were previously promised?” Gradual help came strengthening them and they received the response from Allah, “Surely the promised relief and support of Allah is close at hand!” If Allah provides an opening for you, then victory is promised and no false god can overcome you.

Being able to successfully overcome the trials and tribulations that are inevitable in one’s life, becomes a prerequisite for entering the Garden. When you understand that those who passed away before you went through their own trials and tribulations, it makes you realize that you have your own journey to undertake in order to enter the Garden.

There are times when you will face trials and tribulations and feel like all hope is lost. However, in reality, Allah is always near and capable of aiding, supporting and relieving the distress. For example, the world is currently undergoing a metamorphosis. Several forces, such as the pandemic, severe weather, and civil unrest are simultaneously converging and causing worldwide stress and suffering. As a result, some people are physically dying while others are mentally, spiritually, and even economically dying. However, with faith as the foundation, people of faith can witness and know with certainty that Allah’s help is always near.

Relief is gradually happening all around! Look at how healing is occurring on different levels. The sky has become clear and free of pollution. The mountain tops are once again visible. The majesty of Allah’s creation has been uncovered! People who have been sheltered in their homes are emerging from their caves to a new reality. The world as previously experienced has been transformed on multiple levels. Just like pollution has been removed from the skies, people also want to see pollution removed from the human spirit and a cleansing of life on earth. Acts of injustice are being exposed! Statues that stood anchored in the land like mountains are being taken down. Branding is also being changed! Symbols of human injustice are no longer acceptable.

Those who have faith and are patient in hardship will be rewarded with Allah’s promise of relief from suffering. When “patient zero” or the origin of the corona virus is identified and its affects mitigated, healing can occur on that level. However, “patient zero” or the origin of the unrest of the human spirit, has to be found on a much deeper level. Only when this “patient zero” is identified and its affects mitigated, can complete healing and transformation take place leading to a new world order and the remaking of the world.


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