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  • Alfonso Saahir

The Qur’an is Timeless 17:106

The Qur’an, We made its communication an explanation that is Plain and Clear Guidance. Its slow rhythmic flow is to be read to the people at appointed times and We are bringing down what is Inspired by G-d.

The Qur’an’s detailed message is a healing for mankind for all time and space. It is the Mother of all Books with its essence of expression as it answers the needs of humanity. Its telescopic view of Divine Guidance helps us to take an inward spiritual journey and be educated, as its Chapters and Verses address the subject of “Man” and man’s need to give careful attention to the clarity and precise warnings from G’d as taught by all of His Messengers.

With this view we can see the myths and dogma of the past evaporate like the morning mist and this purification will cause us to ascend into the future of the mind.


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