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  • Steven A. Shakir

A Taste of Honey 42:38 - Shuraa

Those who accept the call of their Lord and its pursuit of perfection. The worship, what is lawful, and everything you say in life and everything you do in life should begin with the glorification of Allah and conclude with the submission to His will. They seek the extraction of opinions for their mutual affairs, and they will spend freely from what Allah gives from the good things and what is beyond their needs.

In Al-Islam there was never a one-man rule, Prophet Mohammed always sought out the opinion of the learned and the experienced members in the community to participate in decision making.

To seek the extraction of opinions, we have to permit each other to speak and have a say in the matter. If only one or two or three people make all the decisions you will never get the honey. The honey is what we get from the extraction of mutual opinions not just one opinion.

If we trust in leadership that cares for the Muslim life, gives advice in matters of religion, helps people in matters of judgment, and respects what religion obligates us to do, then this is what will make us successful.


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