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Lewd Behavior - Fornication and Adultery 17:32

And do not entertain the desire or intention of having unlawful actions with a male or female, for surely it is a shameful and disgraceful path that you are obligated to stay away from.

In our case study, a father and lawyer committed many errors in his family life. One was being an adulterer while legally married, and he brought much shame and disgrace to his family. He caused separation and divorce among the ones that he should love and support.

This unlawful action caused much outrage and distaste among his friends and family. Society should condemn such lewdness and the prohibition of such actions, sending the message that we should not come near such immorality or exceed the bounds of marriage and good family life. We all have inclinations, tendencies, desires, and impulses to do certain things; however, our desires, likes, inclinations, and impulses should be ruled by G-d's word and law. It must dominate our whole life. Don't rationalize or argue with it. Just repent and accept to live in agreement and conformity with G-d's guidance, and you will be successful.


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