Scale of Justice 42:17

February 19, 2020


Allah is Who made and caused to descend The Heavenly Book with the wisdom and benefit, and the weighing instrument. And what will advise you that perhaps the day of resurrection in near.

Allah has created everything with a common upright justice, and a weighing instrument for the commonality and equality that mankind strive for. It is very important to have the knowledge and understanding of The Heavenly Book. The Heavenly Book is a weighing instrument that gives correct justice in the speech and the action of everyone.


Looking at society and many social issues it might seem as though some families are so dysfunctionally imbalanced, but Allah established a correct justice that could be maternal or paternal grandparents to balance the justice within that household.


Everything that exist has been put in a weighing instrument, so if it tilts to much with any extremes Allah's law within the Heavenly Book will keep the correct balance.

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