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Intoxicants 5:91

The danger of Intoxicants: Indeed, Satan only wants and loves and desires to create between you with hatred and dislike, by covering and mixing and of intoxicants and gambling. And it prevents and hinders you from seeking to call to mind G-d in the heart with a strong reflection, also from the devotional worship of the prayer. So, will you be of those responsive to the prohibition?

So, G-d first tries to inform and educate the human being of the trouble for society of intoxicants and gambling. We should not just see it as drinking of liquids or playing the lottery but anything that can intoxicant our thinking and heart. So people of faith we must share and make aware the trouble it brings upon society, then we should be able to accept why G-d has forbidden such activity and we can advance the good life, by avoiding the influences of Satan, and accept that we all need some type of Authority to help us govern ourselves.


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