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Dawning of The Light: 97:7-10

And the soul and He who made it level with no difference in it. Then He placed beauty in it, then it's unbelief and it's regardfulness from the punishment of Allah.

Truly He succeeded and accomplished whoever cleans and make peace with it.

And truly He doesn't succeed whoever concealed disgracefully with it.

Allah created every child equally upright upon the original nature, and placed beauty within it.

As seen in the history and present time of today. The society can shape the child to become Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or whatever the behavior pattern around the child is, it can also influence the child out of their nature.

Each soul has been cultivated with the capacity for the dawning of the light and the capacity for moral excellence and moral life. Everyone's soul is born to be inclined to obey Allah, and truly He accomplishes whoever cleans and makes peace with the soul. Allah prepares all of His believers with truth of His Revelation. The Most excellent model for all of mankind to follow is Prophet Muhammad. He has the perfect symmetry and never lost it within His lifetime.


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