The Balanced Spirit       91:7-10

April 7, 2019


By the soul and He who made it evenly balanced without dissimilarities. Then exposed the consciousness to its enlightenment, and to its protection from the punishment of G-d. He will indeed be victorious and accomplished whomever cleanses it and cultivates it. And he will not pursue victory whomever disgracefully conceals it.


G-d created the human person with a balanced disposition, possessing a consciousness with an interest in the things in the environment that could influence or misguide that consciousness. Also, with a spiritual core that desires the excellence of character and human performance that provides for a prosperous life.


It is the parents or other circumstances that introduce variables that take them out of their created nature. Just as an animal is born complete with all its limbs and of sound nature. It’s the human person and other circumstances that causes the cutting of the limbs and mutilation after its birth.

G-d inspired the human spirit to be aware of its ability to be obedient and its ability to be corrupt. Whoever seeks to improve and increase that awareness will be successful and whoever diminishes and hides it will indeed become a failure.


Praise be to G-d, Who created the human spirit and gave it the faculties for its development, and its enlightenment to what is wrong and to what is right. 



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