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The Rope of Allāh Is a Metaphor of The Qur’ān as the Salvation for Humanity 3:103

Hold fast with the Rope of Allāh: The allegorical expression for the bond which connects all groups. Proceed standing firmly on the establishment of the Qur’ān and the comprehension of it from the prescriptions of sacred laws and its logic! Come to an agreement, support one another, do not differ, and do not be disunited!Remember the best of Allāh’s religious or worldly education standing by it with incumbent gratitude when you had concealed hatred of your wicked intentions in your minds against one another and He united your hearts and intellects with love. With it you became religious and worldly brothers. You were literally on a part of the fire of finality on the earth and He saved you from it.

The Qur’ān argues against counter intelligence metaphors, parables, or similes given in scriptural translations that compares The Creator with the likeness of created matter. The Qur’ān argues for and upholds the natural rights of all human beings, be they Muslim, Jew, Christian, or other. The Qur’ān unites us all as descendants of one soul and argues against that which divides us.The Qur’ān argues against putting the sayings of anyone before and above Allāh and that which He taught and inspired in His servants, messengers, and prophets. The Qur’ān argues against asking a lot of illogical questions, and against wasting time, energy, and natural properties.


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