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  • Yaya J. Fanusie

Allah Provides America’s Material and Spiritual Security, 106:1-4

For the accustomed security and contracts of the Quraish;

For their accustomed security moving their passengers in the cold and warm seasons;

Examining those things, then let them surrender themselves in worship to the Lord of the House. He is the one who provides them with nourishment so they do not go hungry and makes them safe from anxiety of hate and danger.

In addressing the tribe of the Quraish, G-d makes a point for them to reflect on their good fortune and security and that such reflection should move them to worship their Lord. The Quraish have both material security and spiritual/mental security in Makkah because of their important location as a center of trade.

Today, America is the world’s most important economic center. America has been relatively secure not only because of its economic power, but also its geographic location, compared to other parts of the world which suffer danger, war, and famine within their borders. This shows that, as Americans, we should reflect on our nation’s history, our economic power, our safety and security, and worship Allah Who provides this situation for us.


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