Intentional Work 53:39

March 25, 2019

People will only get what they intentionally work for, whether their works are for good or for bad. Allah will manifest it, either in this life, and or on the Day of Judgment. Their works will soon be seen. Then they will be rewarded with good or bad, the requital based upon the degree of what they have done, good or bad, with the greatest fulfillment.


When we die, everything separates from us, except for three additional opportunities that Allah gives us to earn blessings. They are based upon the intentional good works we did for our souls that positively affected other people. 1st, is if our children are righteous and pray for us. 2nd, is if we initiated a charity that continues to flow after we die. Last, if we leave knowledge that is beneficial to other people.. 


People should be cognizant of the fact that when we work for a goal, sometimes we encounter obstacles. Obstacles can also be people that are working against our best interests, even in our houses of worship, businesses, or our homes.


The best satisfaction that people get from what they eat or feed to their families, is when it is from the efforts of what they have personally earned from their works. 






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