• Aishah Greenleaf Abdul-Mateen

Light of Knowledge 3:190

Certainly, in the origination of the heavens and the earth are unique creations of the stars, moon and the sun that should be examined and studied. With luminous minds reaching heights of understanding. The wonders of miracles in the alternation of night and day increases the light of knowledge.

When man comes into knowledge, he takes on the light of knowledge and the light of science. For example, if a person is ignorant, we might call him dull or dark because this is the language of the world. On the religious language, we have light meaning spiritual light, spiritual knowledge or deeper knowledge into the things that are physical. As our knowledge increases, we learn how to break the chains of this physical world.

It takes light to obtain the signs of the creation. The sense of sight provides the knowledge as the mind processes the information and enlightens the brain to grow.


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