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The Night Journey  17:1

Glory be to Allah who took His obeying servant on a journey at night from the structure around the Ka'abah, which is sacred to the Meccans. This sacred area has many doors and seven towers. Allah turned the Muslims toward it as a direction for prayer, and gave the Meccans it's custody and administration.

The sacred house in Jerusalem that David prayed in was the first Qibla and starting point of the call. From it We caused Muhammed to see with the eye sciences, miracles, guidance and admonition. Then the Qibla changed, which We bring about in its surroundings good blessings. Indeed, from Allah's names will be declared the perfection of His Hearing the Most High.

Jerusalem is a sacred place for, Jews, Christians, and Muslims and if it becomes the capital of any country, it should be open to all three religions. When the Muslims had control of Jerusalem, they were very accommodating to all three great religions.


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