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The Misuse of Intelligence for Capital Gain 20:54

Feed and protect your intelligence from harmful things. Submit to the permissible things brought forth by G-d, and follow His proofs and evidence. Also remember to feed your animals plants of the earth, and know that intelligence is the companion against committing shameful acts.

Men of intelligence know that animals are to be fed plant life created by G-d. His benefit is to be fed and clothed by them. However, there are cases where the agricultural revolution had placed society at high risk for sickness and disease. For example, cancer is caused by injecting the growth hormone “rgbh” in cows, to increase milk and meat production for financial gain, committing a shameful act. Intelligent life is a moral life that man protects himself and animals with proper knowledge by discriminating those things that are harmful to them from things that are healthful to them, mentally and physically.


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