• Rosemary Sharifah Sierras

The Model Human Person 16:36

Further, we dispatched to you a deputy, Prophet Muhammad, from among you, to teach you the worship of the one and only God (Allah). And to convey to you, with knowledge and guidance, our revelation. And purify you of idolatry, make you righteous, and explain to you the Quran and its wisdom.

God, in His infinite mercy, blessed us with the model human person, Prophet Muhammad. The creation of Adam was not complete until Muhammad was created. Prophet Muhammad is the embodiment of the Quran. He is the Quran walking.

The Quran says with God are the keys, and access to those keys is possible through the Quran. With these keys, we can unlock the treasures in creation. Through the model of Prophet Muhammad, the word of God, which is also the spirit of God, the inspiration of God, can come alive in humanity.


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