M.A.L.I students are comprised of inidividuals who maintain various careers. M.A.L.I. encourages students to use their education to establish self employment practices that will in turn provide jobs and resources for the community. For this reason M.A.L.I. is proud to support student business owners by assisting them in their research of Qur'anic based systems and processes. Director Salim MuMin has an extensive eduction in business development and Qur'anic Arabic initiating the study of specific ayats and anlysis that refelct implementable business practices. As part of the M.A.L.I. program, students are encouraged to participate in the development of these processes. Through the students,  M.A.L.I. hopes to eventually offer Qur'anic based business templates and books. M.A.L.I. also supports student business owners by partnering with them to sell products in the M.A.L.I. marketplace. 










 Nimat Bilal - CEO Fabulocs LLC


As a M.A.L.I. student I have been able to see my position as a business owner as an effort requiring the organization of people and their affairs.

As we know, the Qur'an obtains all the systems of knowledge including instructions on how we should officiate our roles as business owners.

A business owner is simply another word for "protector and maintainer", which is the position taken by any business owner. An organization is comparable to a community. In business, the staff functions as a community and makes up the organization.

Through the M.A.L.I. method of study, these parables come to light due to breaking down the Qur'anic Arabic and its grammar as well as learning to identify context for implementable use.

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